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Congratulations to our winners across all divisions! We hope to see you again next year.

Please progress through the slides to view the results.

2019 - Division 1 - Physical Sciences and Engineering

1st: Abhay S. 1st Academy of Christian Education - Singing Glass

2ndKrish S. 3rd Mantua Elementary - Icestravaganza

3rd: Jakob D. 3rd Shrevewood - Making Pucks!

Honorable Mention: Reina B. 3rd Medina Montessori - The Gummy Bear Lab. 

Honorable Mention: Naya C. 2nd Edlin School - Melt Your Ice!

2018 - Division 1 - Physical Sciences and Engineering

1st: Maiya C., 2nd grade, Shrevewood Elementary - Feeling the Pressure

2nd: Jakob D., 6th grade, Shrevewood Elementary - What Glue is Best?

3rd: Laith E., 2nd grade, Pinnacle Academy - Feeling the Pressure

Honorable Mention: Caiden A., 3rd grade, Nysmith School - Critical Load - How Much Can a Cup Take?

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